Domingo 12 de Enero · 17:00h

The mission of Art Spoken is to provide a platform for expression and community for people of color and to support artists of color in Madrid.

Art Spoken Open mic is a dynamic platform hosting some of the best talent in poetry and performance arts in Madrid. January

12th’s show will feature poetry from Herisa Stanislaus (EEUU), Art Spoken Resident Artist and Charles Snyder, Director Creativo de Art Spoken.

Theme: Homecoming

The word ‘home’ can spark a complex series of emotions. For some, nurture, joy, and a profound sense of belonging. For others, rejection, pain, harm, abuse, and abandonment. Homecoming does not always signify  going back to a home but sometimes the act of finding a new one; the one that was intended; the revelation that the one that was meant to be isn’t always the one that was given: family. Homecoming is the community we construct, sometimes it’s chosen family, sometimes if we are lucky, its our own, it can even take place within our ethnic community and identity.

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